TRAINING COURSES : Lectures, Courses and Workshops Conducted

The workshop introduces the concept of performance management and explains how performance can be measured.
This timely workshop analyses structure, process and outcome as key areas of safety and quality in healthcare. It will examine performance measures for the healthcare organization, performance indicators, benchmarking in healthcare and the notion of healthcare performance excellence. Performance models will be applied to evaluate performance tools and select the appropriate system for reporting. It will also focuses on measurement tools most appropriate for quality and safety in healthcare. The techniques and information outlined in the course will enhance existing management skills, leading to more focused targets and improved performance through employee engagement.
Learning Objectives:
♣	Identify key performance metrics to support your organization in achieving short and long term goals 
♣	Monitor and manage healthcare business performance across your organization 
♣	Develop a strategic plan with outstanding benchmarks 
♣	Gain knowledge of different performance models and their application 
♣	Implement an effective performance management system aligned with key management systems 
♣	Learn vital information regarding data analysis and reporting systems 
♣	Ensure that your performance model is flexible, responsive and adaptable