TRAINING COURSES : Lectures, Courses and Workshops Conducted


This course is a well-established event and a preferred meeting place for people committed to the mission of improving the quality and value of healthcare on regional and international level. 

The course in store for our participants represents the very best of new thinking from the global quality improvement movement. 
This course is designed for those who seek an understanding of the administration and organization of quality definitions, practices, processes within the health care system. The course focuses on quality management in health care system using continuous quality improvement and team building techniques. Topics to be examined include the history of quality, leaders and trends in health care quality, measure and measurement development, analysis of variation and quality practices in different health care environments, administrative responsibilities and structures with respect to production and service quality, including the function and roles of professional and non-professional staff.

The Principles of Quality in Healthcare and Patient Safety is useful in improving the quality and safety of patient care. Target audience are mostly hospital-based, focusing on reducing risk and improving quality via shared knowledge, solutions, and publications, that will make their jobs easier to perform, with less chance for error and more opportunities for collaboration.

The course strives to support the movement to healthcare improvement globally, foster effective innovation and connect healthcare leaders and practitioners worldwide.

To provide participants with enhanced skills to initiate, develop, and sustain health care change. The course provides the participants with advanced skills in organizational development, team building, problem solving techniques, and process improvement

The course is designed to provide the participants with:

o	An understanding of quality and patient safety history and trends
o	An understanding of health care measure and measurement
o	An understanding of management’s role in quality management of health care services
o	Demonstrate the abilities to implement quality principles.
o	Gain the required skills to ensure patient safety.
o	Implement the international patient safety goals.