TRAINING COURSES : Lectures, Courses and Workshops Conducted

Your organization, whether it is private, public or not-for-profit, faces a continuous barrage of requests to improve quality. Your front-line staff is quickly thrown into quality training workshops to improve the management of quality. Management attends quality sessions to acquire the latest strategy. Everyone is exposed to Six Sigma, Lean, process management, quality awards and so on, but the complaints continue.

The workshop is a highly interactive session that will use lectures, discussions and team format. It is case driven and uses examples from many different organizations. 

The participant will learn the process for developing strategic quality plans, and actually apply it to “real” quality issues and develop strategies to better plan these. The outcome is measurable; as the participant can take the strategies back to their workplace and execute them immediately.

o	Understand, at an overview level, all of the current quality strategies used today
o	Develop a quality statement
o	Identify quality standards for your organization and /or department
o	Create a quality vision
o	Develop quality strategies
o	Develop actions to successfully implement the quality strategies
o	Understand how to complete the strategic quality plan