TRAINING COURSES : Lectures, Courses and Workshops Conducted

To be fully effective, anyone in a position of authority needs to be both a competent manger and an effective leader and the development of leadership skills cannot be left to chance. 

The study of leadership and management is essentially the study of how to work effectively with other people, how to influence others towards achieving the group goals and how to elicit from each employee “creativity, consistent excellent productivity, and maximum potential contribution toward continuous improvement of process, product and service. Because of this we designed this module to develop and improve the leadership and management knowledge and skills which for sure will lead to improve their performance and will increase the employees and customers satisfaction and will be reflected positively on the whole organization performance and reputation.
And in a general sense, we would probably agree that different training topics are most appropriate for each level, because they align most closely with the new duties of the person who is a neophyte in this tier of management. 

Effective learning organizations have effective departments, this does not happen by chance. Senior Management Teams strive continuously hard to encourage, develop and nurture established Middle Managers; identify that aspiring staffs who have the potential to become future Heads of Departments and Learning Managers.

This workshop includes goal setting, time management, coaching, business writing, interviewing, communication skills/feedback techniques, and the performance-appraisal process.

At the conclusion of this module, the attendees should feel more comfortable in the following areas:
o	Understand your role in a constantly changing work environment  
o	Plan, organize and manage change in a more productive way
o	Demonstrate the abilities to be effective manager  
o	Work more closely with your colleagues and senior management  
o	Encourage high performance from your teams 
o	Understand how to use the resources in an efficient and effective way 
o	Take better decisions and achieve more effective implementation  
o	Manage conflict in a more effective way  
o	Understand the need to develop yourself and those who report to you