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Key Performance Indicators in Healthcare workshop introduces the concept of performance management and explains how performance can be measured.  In common with all major industries, healthcare organizations are facing ever greater pressures to constantly improve performance and drive organizational excellence.  What makes your industry different is the need to maintain standards of clinical care in addition to this business, quality and management focus.

By attending this course, participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in working with KPIs, which will enable them to start a KPI implementation project, or to review existing KPIs, as soon as they get back in their organizations.

In addition, professionals have the opportunity to obtain the Certified KPI Professional status, a unique certification that provides a rigorous KPI approach, knowledge and practical skills.

Learning Experience

o	Guidance and schedule – analyze document presenting guidelines on how to maximize your learning experience
o	Introduction – share an introduction message to present themselves to the other participants in an online group
o	Pre-course evaluation – includes a needs analysis, a short quiz to establish the current level of knowledge and a section for sharing expectations
o	Prerequisite reading – review several materials, including topics such as history, management theories and KPI definitions should be reviewed

Core Course:
o	Applying concepts in practical exercises
o	Analyzing case studies and identifying solutions
o	Using templates to develop performance measurement instruments
o	Sharing experiences and best practices
o	Creating a network of KPI Professionals
o	Constantly evaluating the participant’s knowledge, through short quizzes to support the final test

After the course:
o	Action plan – participants should submit a plan to state the changes they intend to make in their department or organization in terms of KPI measurement; Key Performance Indicators as part of the Performance Management System webinar.
o	In-house presentation – participants should submit a Power Point presentation on key topics covered during the course
o	Additional reading – a list of resources (books, articles and videos) is provided in order to encourage the continuous learning experience


o	Identify key performance metrics to support the organization in achieving short and long term goals
o	Monitor and manage healthcare business performance across the organization
o	Develop a strategic plan with outstanding benchmarks
o	Gain knowledge of different performance models and their application
o	Implement an effective performance management system aligned with key management systems
o	Learn vital information regarding data analysis and reporting systems
o	Ensure that your performance model is flexible, responsive and adaptable