TRAINING COURSES : Lectures, Courses and Workshops Conducted

Effective data management plays an important role in improving the performance of an organization’s health care systems. Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and acting on data for specific performance measures allows health care professionals to identify where systems are falling short, to make corrective adjustments, and to track outcomes. 

This workshop is designed to help users understand the relationship between quality improvement and data management and to provide information on how to gather, analyze, interpret, and act on data for a specific performance measurement. 

This workshop offers information about some of the most important issues in healthcare quality namely, information management.  The workshop will present the application of statistics, epidemiology and quantitative analysis in health care quality. 

The participants are expected to gain a solid foundation in the implementation of quality tools and quantitative methods.  This workshop will include such topics as Statistics and quantitative analysis for primary use in Healthcare Quality and the process of Quality Improvement.  

The workshop will include the use of SPSS computer software as the main analytical tool.  It involves a combination of practical demonstrations, discussion groups, case studies and interactive exercises.

At the completion of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

o	Explain the main categories of statistics used in Healthcare Quality
o	Learn vital information regarding data analysis and reporting systems
o	Identify the major statistical tests applied in quality improvement and control and be able to apply each to the appropriate scenario
o	Define the different forms of the Quality Improvement process
o	Use SPSS in conducting statistical analyses and produce the appropriate reports
o	Identify the different approaches to a successful survey process in Healthcare Quality and become familiar with all the steps of surveying methodology from start to finish
o	Identify the key dimensions of quality care and performance, and apply them to their current work environment
o	Discuss and apply the different tool used commonly in Healthcare Quality problem solving exercises and scenarios
o	Perform basic techniques and methods of identifying quality deficient areas and ways to correct them
o	Apply quality improvement tools to a healthcare issue of concern that needs improvement