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Having a clear strategy is essential for competitive advantage in today’s tough healthcare market. A properly articulated strategy will chart the course of a healthcare organization, enabling it to sail cohesively through its external environment, to focus the efforts of both managers and clinicians, provide a way to understand your hospital or clinic and distinguish it from others, reduce ambiguity and deliver first class, high quality patient care. Yet, the failure of strategy in many healthcare organizations reflects the fact that too many hospitals, clinics and health systems fail to think in terms of how they can really add value for patients and the communities they serve.
Learning Objectives:
♣	Take the right approach to strategic management by understanding the 10 different possible approaches to strategic planning and strategic change that a healthcare organization can take and subsequently selecting and applying the best approach.
♣	Understand the importance of strategy and its role in the hierarchy of mission statement, vision, strategy, objectives and tactics.
♣	Understand the context for strategic management in your organization by identifying the key internal and external factors that, taken together with your organization’s mission statement and vision, create the environment in which you must manage strategy and strategic change.
♣	Understand the importance of setting stretching and explicit objectives to provide clear direction for your organization.
♣	Manage the ‘softer’ issues of communication, buy-in and willingness to change – factors that are crucial to successful strategy execution.