Strengthening medical education during the post-COVID-19 era for building an effective healthcare workforce: A narrative review

Differential Item Functioning in Students Rating of Teaching Effectiveness Surveys in Higher Education According to Academic Disciplines: Data from a Saudi University

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Reliability and Validity of a New Questionnaire of Outpatient Service Satisfaction for Academic Medical Center Hospital

Reducing Hospital Acquired Infection Rate using the Six Sigma

Impact of a multicomponent hand hygiene intervention strategy in reducing infection rates at a university hospital in Saudi Arabia

Factors Influencing Student Overall Satisfaction in Course Evaluation Surveys: An Exploratory Study

Development of an Internal Threshold for Blood Culture Contamination: The Application of DMCIB Model, A Case Study

Development of a Six Sigma Rating Scale for Measuring the Quality of Work Life of Teaching Staff Working in Saudi Universities

Critical Appraisal of the Saudi Dental Curriculum & a Proposal to Improve the Teaching & Learning Methods Adopted at Saudi Dental Colleges

Reducing patients' falls rate in an Academic Medical Center (AMC) using Sx Sigma "DMAIC" Approach

A study on challenges encourntered by the Academic Medical Centers in Saudi Arabia and appropriate strategies for their improvement

Understanding the effect of response rate and class size interaction on students evaluation of teaching in a higher education

Predicting the Exit Time of Employees in an Organization using Statistical Model

Factors influencing the medical students overall satisfaction about research training programs offered in Saudi universities: An exploratory study

Application of Six Sigma Methodology to reduce medication errors in the outpatient pharmacy unit

A new performance improvement model adding benchmarking to the analysis of performance indicator data

A model for performance measurement & improvement related to the usage of seven basic quality tools: a roadmap for healthcare performance

A Proposal for Improving Genetics Teaching for Medical Professionals in Saudi's Medical Education

Health Science Students' Perception about Research Training Programs offered in Saudi Universities

The Perception of Academic Staff Towards E-Learning in Dental Colleges in Saudi Arabia

Health Science Students' Evaluation of Courses & Instructors

Appraisal of Students' Experience Survey (SES) as a Measure to Manage the Quality of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An Institutional Study Using Six Sigma Model

A Structural Equation Model to Evaluate the Quality of University Environment as Predictors of Students Academic Achievement

Effect of Implementing Six Sigma in Reducing Risks and Improving Patient Safety in Hospitals

Effect of Risk Management Training Program on Patient Safety and Quality of Care at a Group of Tertiary Care Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Factors Associated with Quality of Outpatient Service: A Cross-Sectional Study using Principal Component Analysis

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