IAU has taken necessary strategic initiatives to build its own Academic Medical Center (AMC) to fulfill its tripartite functions i.e. Teaching, Research and Treatment in an effective way. IAU strongly believes that the implementation of self-operation system at the university teaching hospital would remove the dualism and conflict of tasks by defining the clinical services and academic tasks to its physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Further, such initiatives assist them to develop and implement best practices to maintain the quality of healthcare. Proceeding with this objective, the university has framed a manual entitled “Manual of Self-Operations for Health Services” [SOPHS] as a guide to manage and operate university hospitals by the hospital administration which is independent from the direct administration of the university. Here, university hospitals have their own budget and is supervised by its higher administration to provide required medical service. Also, it is bound to create a safe and conductive environment for education, training, treatment and research. Through this hospital self-operation system, available healthcare academics can be utilized for both academic and clinical services. Further, there is also a possibility of generating additional revenue through medical research from abroad and increasing the bed occupation rate by the optimum use of beds. This manual consists of 11 chapters with 516 pages explaining in detail about the need for new hospital and hospital beds, guidelines for planning hospital architectural design, self-operation program services, hospital financial services, information technology in healthcare, human resources and equipment as well as evaluation of hospital operations. This manual will provide a blueprint for successful implementation of self-operation program in an effective manner.